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Train your Subconscious Mind

In the last century, we developed a great deal of awareness on how our minds work, and on the sub-parts of it, yet our knowledge of our subconscious and its power is limited to its existence. We focus more on the tip of the iceberg which is our conscious state.

The subconscious mind is a powerful part of who we are. It controls, interprets and acts upon the dominant accessible thoughts that exist within our conscious minds. Our thoughts and beliefs are subject to our subconsciousness.

It is important to be aware of what you are thinking because it doesn’t have the ability to judge, censor and discriminate. The subconscious takes in what you plant in it through feelings and repetition. It doesn’t evaluate whether some thoughts are negative or positive like our conscious minds do.
Another important thing to know about your subconscious mind is that it is active day and night, therefore you need to start paying attention to how it works and what you plant it both willingly and unintentionally.

There are a lot of subconsciousmindpowertechniques you can practice to make use positively from your subconscious mind.

Train it to solve problems. Whenever you face a difficult challenge or a problem which is difficult for your conscious mind to find a solution to, let your subconscious mind take over the responsibility of your conscious mind. This improves gradually our analytical skills.

How to do so is by making it clear for your subconscious that you need its help. In other words, you have to instil the thought, by writing it, thinking it about before you sleep or repeating it for few minutes.

The subconscious will eventually come up with a solution or at least provide you with a wide variety of clues to analyze.

Meditation is also a great tool to train your subconscious mind to focus, concentrate, and achieve higher levels of cognitive power. It makes you think differently, more inspired by new things, and most importantly believe in yourself.

Finally, without a high level of cognitive power, mind control, and subconscious training we remain limited to our conscious minds that constitute a very small part of who we are. In fact, we become subjects to hidden forces that we are ignorant of.