PYT Ceramic 1.25 Hair Straightener in Pink with Black Dots

by PYT

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  • 1.25 inch Wide Floating Plates
  • 9 foot 360° swivel cord
  • 100% Extra High Grade Ceramic

10x12 JFS Design Group

JFS Design Group - Designer and producers of custom kiosk, stores, & mall carts this is a 10'x12' Mall Kiosk Produced for hair Straightener All drawings and ...

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  • New shop in Amherst caters to patrons seeking a more natural style

    The idea for creating the store, she said, came from her own desire to wear her hair naturally, rather than altering its texture with straighteners, many of which require the use of chemicals. Natural products can be used by people with any hair type

  • Two teens charged in Louisville theft

    They also allegedly stole a hair straightener and five WIC checks and a WIC identification card belonging to Hillary A. Deforge, 20, also of that address. They said the arrests were made at 9:09 p.m. Sunday at the St. Lawrence Centre mall, Massena.

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